Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Article on Yahoo! Finance: Whitman stabilized HP but real growth still looks far off

I saw an article this afternoon posted on Yahoo! Finance titled "Whitman stabilized HP but real growth still looks far off".

Yaho Finance Article

The article touches on some key points, namely that even with the recent 3D printing foray announcement, there is nothing in her history which has instilled trust that it will actually come to pass.

In fact, there has not been one major announcement projecting growth that has happened. 

The author states, "In 2012, she was talking up amazing tablets that would storm the corporate market. And early in 2013, a new server technology dubbed Project Moonshot was all the rage. Neither has led to much revenue for HP yet, however".  

The article also discusses the botched Autonomy acquisition still casting a shadow.

It wraps up with a point I've stressed in this blog, being "Wall Street has already rewarded Whitman for Saving HP from oblivion. Now the question is whether she can move it forward".  

The answer is simply, no. She does not have the experience or the vision necessary to propel HP forward into a place of being able to compete, much less create and propel forward. 

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